"back from the gates of Death"



The Eastern Area Convention of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous meets annually. The convention provides an opportunity for A.A.’s from all over the Eastern Area and all over the World, to come together and share their experience, strength and hope as members of A.A.  EACYPAA is overwhelming evidence that large numbers of people are achieving a lasting and comfortable sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous. Like any other convention, it is an opportunity to learn more about the program and sobriety.



We, the members of the EACYPAA Advisory Council set forth this day to establish the Convention experience. In 2002, the Great Lakes Regional Convention of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous was expanded for the purpose of furthering the principles of A.A. amongst young people in the East Central, Southeast and Northeast GSO designated regions. The first EACYPAA was awarded to Boston, Massachusetts.  We hope with this expansion we will continue to attract the “pockets of enthusiasm” that are so apparent in young peoples groups. Being cognizant that not all young people find our Convention necessary, we do not propose to be a universal answer or governing body for young people. We believe it beneficial to share our experience with all who may request our help. For it is through our sharing that we have learned to function within the framework of the Twelve Traditions, and the Twelve Concepts for World Service of Alcoholics Anonymous.



Alcoholism recognizes no barriers, age included. The first Young People Groups (YPG’s) in Alcoholics Anonymous appeared in 1945 in Los Angeles, California and in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1957, at Niagara Falls, a meeting of young A.A.s from across the U.S.and Canadastarted what is now the International Conference of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (ICYPAA). Bill W., at the 1960 A.A. Convention, noted that the age of new members was much lower than when he and Dr. Bob founded A.A., 25 years earlier. In the letter written to the 12th ICYPAA in 1969, Bill W. is quoted “I have found nothing for greater inspiration than the knowledge that A.A. of tomorrow will be safe, and certainly magnificent, in the keeping of you who are the younger generation of A.A. today.” An ICYPAA pamphlet, in 1975, put the ages of people in YPGs in their twenties and thirties, with occasional teenagers. The trend has continued. In 1983, an A.A. survey reported 20% of respondents were under 31 years of age, and 3% were under 21. The number of ‘young people suffering from Alcoholism who turn to A.A. for help is continuing to grow.  EACYPAA provides the young newcomer with a convention where they can see and share the experience of sobriety with other young people. In 2002 the Eastern Area Convention of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (EACYPAA) was expanded out of the former Great Lakes Regional Convention of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous.  Its main purpose is to carry the message of A.A. throughout the Eastern Region. The region is defined as any state that borders the Mississippi River to the east.  Any city or area within this region is eligible to host an EACYPAA.